A calmer workfIow for personalised care

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What do caregivers see?

Who is almost getting up and is at risk of falling?
Who is out of bed?
Who doesn't give a sign of life?
Who is resting safely in bed?
How has the resident been lately?

What is the Momo BedSense App?

The Momo BedSense App provides caregivers insight and overview of all residents of the memory care community.

Change the workflow to relieve workload

Current workflow

Doing rounds

Momo workflow

More personalized care for residents

The BedSense makes a substantial contribution to working more effectively. The enthusiasm in the workplace is enormous.

Jan-Kees van Wijnen
Clinical Manager at TanteLouise - Memory Care Community


Improved rest for residents
out of 10
Feeling of comprehensive and centralised control for caregivers
Fewer fall incidents
Reduced workload for caregivers

Based on research in multiple skilled nursing facilities

Who is working with us?

For colleagues and residents

For the overnight shift

More overview and reassurance
Insights to know who needs you

For residents

Better night’s rest
More person-centered care
Fewer acute events

For nursing staff

Objective insights directly available
Easily track the effect of interventions

For the clinical manager

Higher care capacity in the memory care units
Increased job satisfaction for the night shift
More safety & high quality care

Stories of caregivers

Residents are more active and less agitated during the day because they sleep better. One resident also started to eat himself again, we no longer need to help him with that.

CNA during the night at Surplus

At one glance I can see my entire department and I see everyone lying in their bed, that gives me so much peace. That feeling cannot be described in words.

CNA during the night at Laurens

It has given me the peace of mind to stay longer with a terminal resident, while still having an overview of the other residents and knowing that they were okay.

Nurse at Allevo

We take the app onto the medicine cart in the morning. We'll see who's awake and then we'll go straight there. Then we don't have to wake up the residents for their medication.

Nurse at Attent

Experience it yourself

Try the BedSense for 3 months and experience it for yourself.

The Momo Team provides hands-on assistance and stays in touch with the night care staff during their shift.

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Momo is very accessible and flexible in all areas. One of the many examples is that they call with the over night shift care staff during the night.

Marja van Schoneveld
Executive Director at Wijdezorg - Memory Care Community

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Residents with a BedSense

Personalized morning care gives great results. For the residents as well as for the nursing staff. We experience a smaller peak during morning care.

Carmen Platschorre
Innovation advisor at TanteLouise - Memory Care Community

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YC only works with the most outstanding fastest growing companies in the world, such as Airbnb and Dropbox. Their investment and network facilitate us in growing exponentially.

What is the Momo BedSense App?

The Momo BedSense App provides caregivers insight and overview of all residents of the memory care community. The App is linked to a bed sensor that is located underneath the mattress. With the App, caregivers can work more effectively and ensure a comfortable and safe night for all residents.

Set up personal alerts for residents who are at risk of falling. See who is going to leave the bed up to 70 seconds in advance.

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