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Caregivers know:
Who needs me
New insights for the care staff of nursing homes.

The assurance of being at the right place at the right time equals more safety for the residents and more peace of mind for the night shift.

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More Safety and Better Health Outcomes

Be a step ahead with someone with a risk of falling - before they get out of bed. A faster response creates more safety.

More Reassurance

See at a glance who is in bed safely. Enter the rooms less often for a better night’s rest and more privacy.

More Personal Attention

Be aware when someone is restless to offer more comfort.

More insights for personal care

See the resident's night pattern so you can improve their night’s rest

More for everyone.
For the night shift
More overview and reassurance
Insights to know who needs you
For residents
Better night’s rest
More person-centered care
Fewer acute events
For nursing staff
Objective insights directly available
Easily track the effect of interventions
For the clinical manager
Higher care capacity in the memory care units
Increased job satisfaction for the night shift
More safety & high quality care
What happens when you work with us?
The BedSense makes a substantial contribution to working more effectively. It is a smart solution that creates a lot of energy among everyone. The enthusiasm in the workplace is enormous.
Jan-Kees van Wijnen
Clinical Manager at TanteLouise | Skilled Nursing Facility
We are proud to join:
Y Combinator: The world’s top accelerator
YC only works with the most outstanding fastest growing companies in the world, such as Airbnb and Dropbox. Their investment and network facilitate us in growing exponentially.
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Anders werken in de zorg: A Dutch collective of the leading edge elderly care organisations.
They select the most promising new technologies that make elderly care future-proof. After a successful implementation at tanteLouise, we are expanding to all memory care units and to more nursing homes organisations.
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