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Pressure ulcers are responsible for more than 450 million euro's in healthcare spending in the Netherlands alone. | We design mobility monitoring systems for healthcare institutions. | By interpreting patient mobility with an algorithm, prevention of pressure ulcers can be optimised.

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About Us

We provide a simple solution to healthcare providers by monitoring patient mobility in a simple and effective way.

Our History

In the beginning of 2016 the initial idea was conceptualised. As of September 2016, both co-founders have graduated from Delft University of Technology and are now working fulltime for Momo Medical.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple: reduce pressure ulcer prevalence to less than 1%. We believe in improving healthcare by facilitating healthcare providers and professionals with relevant data about patient mobility.

Figures and numbers
450 M
Annual PU cost NL
4.3 %
Average prevalence rate (NL)
2300 +
Nursing homes in NL
Hospitals in the Netherlands