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How we start
First contact

Together we decide the best approach and desired outcomes for your nursing home or memory care and find the answer to our first question: Which community is the best place to start?

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Connect the teams

Our implementation team guides your team through the step by step journey to explore the new insights and opportunities.

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Meeting the night shift

The actual kick-off is when we meet the night shift. During a interactive group session with caregivers and nursing staff we understand what is needed to support them.

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Ready to go

The implementation team supports the care staff in a step by step journey. By collaborating with each other we discover how the insights support you and your residents.

We are happy to work with:
The fact that I can see my entire department at a glance and see everyone lying in their bed, that gives me so much peace. That feeling cannot be described in words”
Gré Kruithof after the first night with BedSense.
Night shift nurse at Laurens
Many companies present themselves well in advance, in my experience it is not always realized in practice. With Momo, my colleagues are enthusiastic within 1 week, we will see how it develops further. That the added value is already experienced, that is an achievement in itself."
First impression at Surplus | Skilled Nursing Facility
Our partners
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We are proud to join:
Anders werken in de zorg: A Dutch collective of leading edge elderly care organisations.

They select the most promising new technologies that make elderly care future-proof. After a successful implementation at tanteLouise, we are expanding to all memory care units and to more nursing homes organisations.

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YCombinator: The world’s top company accelerator

YC only works with the most outstanding fastest growing companies in the world, such as Airbnb and Dropbox. Their investment and network facilitate us in growing exponentially.

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Invite us for a night

We would love to join you on your shift