Mission & Vision

Our mission with Momo Medical is to allow caregivers around the world to spend their time caring again. We realise this by providing caregivers with the right information at the right time. In doing so, we can reduce overhead, administration and increase quality of care.

Our first solution is focused on improving the prevention of pressure ulcers.



Ide Swager

Ide holds an MSc degree in Microelectronics and has practical technical skills like PCB development and microcontroller programming. Before he joined Delft University of Technology, he founded his own ICT company. During his studies, Ide has been a board member of the YES!Delft incubator student organisation and he was part of the IRPdelft team that conducts business projects in emerging markets.

Menno Gravemaker

Menno has been an entrepreneur since his early childhood. From collecting candles for resale and building his own webshops to leading a software project with 30+ programmers from multiple countries. He is creative, energetic and future minded. During his BSc, he was responsible for the acquisition of the fulltime board of the Electrical Engineering students organisation. He has completed multiple entrepreneurship courses at Delft University of Technology.

Medical Advisory Board

Momo Medical is supported by different advisors. Our Medical Advisory Board helps us in developing a solution that is relevant to the clinical environment around the world.

Prof. dr. Lisette Schoonhoven

Professor Lisette Schoonhoven is Professor of Nursing within the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton. She is based at the Clinical Academic Facility in UHS. Lisette’s expertise covers quality and safety of fundamental nursing care, with a particular interest in pressure ulcers and skin health. Furthermore, she is immediate past president of the EPUAP, the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel.

Dr. Wouter Brekelmans

Dr. Wouter Brekelmans is head of the wound care centre of the Alrijne Hospital in Leiden, The Netherlands. As of 2015, he is Vice Chairman of the Dutch Assocation for Wound Professionals (NOVW). He has presented and (co-)authored many international publications in the field of wound care.


Momo Medical was founded by Ide Swager and Menno Gravemaker in 2016. Both Ide and Menno have a technical background from Delft University of Technology. Through many visits to different healthcare institutions, Menno and Ide were able to grow the initial idea into a business. As of early 2017, Momo Medical B.V. is supported by the YES!Delft incubation program for tech start-ups. Next to this, there are warm ties with the TU Delft Bioelectronics section headed by Prof. dr. W.A. Serdijn.

The team behind Momo Medical has been growing ever since. Being an innovative Medical technology company means having a diverse, multi-disciplinary team with engineers, clinicians and business developers. As of spring 2017, Momo Medical participated in the Life Sciences & Health (Dutch Topsector) Venture Challenge.

Over time, Momo Medical B.V. has formed strong partnerships to help make this innovative idea reality. For more information about the partners, please refer to the partners page.