Sep 17

Rabobank Innovation fund contributes to pilot project

As of September 13, 2017, Momo Medical has received the support of the Rabobank Innovation fund to co-finance the pilot project in collaboration with Reinier de Graaf and Pieter van Foreest.


Sep 17

Healthcare insurance company DSW supports Momo Medical

The healthcare insurance company DSW has decided to support Momo Medical in developing our solution for better pressure ulcer prevention.


Jul 17

Momo Medical secures MIT Feasibility grant

Momo Medical has successfully applied for the MIT feasibility grant, which is a grant that allows for business and technical feasibility research for early stage companies, given by the province of South Holland.


Jun 17

Momo Medical secures STW Take-off phase 1 grant

Together with the Bioelectronics Section of Delft University of Technology, Momo Medical has been granted the STW Take-off phase 1 project. This is a grant by the organisation NWO TTW, that allows us to perform further technical development, research scaling potential of our solution, and approach additional potential customers.


Jun 17

Delft municipality supports Momo Medical

The municipality of Delft has decided to support the first pilot project of Momo Medical that takes place in Delft, in cooperation with Reinier de Graaf hospital and Pieter van Foreest nursing home. In this project, the Momo Medical solution will be tested in a hospital, nursing home, and home care setting. This can lead to a deeper insight into the prevention of pressure ulcers across different types of healthcare.